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सचिवालय प्रशिक्षण तथा प्रबन्ध संस्थान


(आईएसओ 9001:2008 संस्था / AN ISO 9001:2008 INSTITUTION)

कार्मिक एवं प्रशिक्षण विभाग / DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL & TRAINING

प्रशासनिक ब्लाक.ने.वि. परिसर (पुराना) / ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK, JNU CAMPUS (OLD),

ओलोफ पाल्मे मार्गनई दिल्ली - 110067/ OLOF PALME MARG, NEW DELHI – 110067

                                 दूरभाष / TELEPHONE – 011-26185314;  टेलीफैक्स / FAX – 011-26104183

दिनांक / Date: 24th January , 2017


1.             All Ministries/Departments of the Govt. of India

2.             The Comptroller and Auditory General of India, New Delhi

3.             The Secretary, Union Public Service commission, New Delhi

4.             The Secretary, Election Commission, New Delhi

5.             All Attached Offices of the Govt. of India

6.             All Union Territory Administrations

7.             All Subordinate Offices of the Govt. of India.

8.             All Autonomous Bodies.

Subject:  Training Course on “Good Governance” to be held from 24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017 at ISTM, New Delhi- regarding.


The Institute of Secretariat Training & Management will be conducting a five-days’ training course on “Good Governance” from 24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017 at ISTM, New Delhi. This course is intended for Group A and B officers working in the Ministries/ Departments of Government of India, Attached Offices and Subordinate Offices thereof, State Governments and Autonomous Bodies.

2.         Details of the training programme, eligibility requirements and facilities available are given at Annexure-I.  Interested Officers need to submit their nominations online on ISTM website (www.istm.gov.in) and thereafter take print out of the same and send it duly countersigned by the sponsoring authority latest by 15th March,2017. The link to the online form is http://www.istm.gov.in/home/online_nomination_form.

3.         As the number of applications will be higher than the capacity of the Training Programme, the list of shortlisted candidates will be published on the website of ISTM one month before the start of the programme. Only such candidates, whose nominations are accepted for the training programme by Institute of Secretariat Training & Management, would be allowed to join the programme.  It may, therefore, be ensured that nominees are relieved by the sponsoring authority only after seeing the list of accepted nominations on ISTM’s website. The confirmation will also be sent by e-mail and through SMS alerts. Hence, the e-mail ID and Mobile numbers of both the nominee and the sponsoring authority are required to be filled in the nomination form.  

4.         ISTM has hostel facility with AC and Non-AC rooms on twin sharing basis. Participants may contact Hostel Warden (Tel No. 011-26172571) in case of requirement for hostel accommodation.

Encl: Annexure-I       

Yours faithfully,



(Vadali Rambabu)
Deputy Director & Course Director

Tel.: 26185314




Training Course on “Good Governance”

24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017

Programme Title          :           Good Governance (GG-06)

Duration                       :             5 Days (24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017

Venue                          :           ISTM Campus, JNU Campus (Old),

                                                 Olof Palme Marg, New Delhi-110067.

Course Director            :           Vadali Rambabu, Deputy Director



In the context of responsive, citizen-friendly and transparent government, the terms "governance" and "good governance" are being increasingly used. As Government employees are the main instruments of delivery of services to the people, the course on Good Governance has been designed to provide a practical framework, in which participants are encouraged to reflect upon their role and the roles of their organisations in providing services to the people and think of ways to improve their services.


This course is intended for Group A and B officers working in the Ministries, Departments, Attached Offices and Subordinate Offices of the Government of India, State Governments and Autonomous Bodies.


The course will be run on a workshop format which is highly participative and includes individual & Group Exercises. Working lunch, tea and snacks will be provided to all participants during the workshop.

COURSE CAPACITY     :           30


A capitation fee is payable for nominees from Public Sector Undertakings and Autonomous Bodies only. There is no capitation fee for nominees from Central / State Government Ministries / Department, Attached / Subordinate Offices, All Union Territory Administrations of Government of India.  

The per head capitation fee is Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only), which is to be paid by Account Payee Cheque / Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Assistant Director, Institute of Secretariat Training & Management, New Delhi”, payable at New Delhi at the time of registration on the opening day of the course.  Failure to make the payment during registration would render the admission of the officer automatically invalid.


ISTM has a modest hostel facility where rooms are available on twin sharing first-come-first-served basis.  For details relating to the tariff and availability of accommodation at the ISTM Hostel, the participants may contact the Caretaker or Hostel Warden at Tele Fax No.011-26172571.  Family members of the participants are NOT allowed to stay in the hostel with the participants.


NOTE:     Only those candidates whose nominations are accepted by ISTM should be relieved by the sponsoring authorities.