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सचिवालय प्रशिक्षण तथा प्रबन्ध संस्थान


(आईएसओ9001:2008 संस्था / AN ISO 9001:2008 INSTITUTION)

कार्मिक एवं प्रशिक्षण विभाग/ DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL & TRAINING

प्रशासनिक ब्लाक,.ने.वि. परिसर (पुराना) / ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK, JNU CAMPUS (OLD),

ओलोफ पाल्मे मार्ग,नई दिल्ली - 110067/ OLOF PALME MARG, NEW DELHI – 110067

दूरभाष/ TELEPHONE – 011-26185312; टेलीफैक्स/ FAX – 011-26104183

Dated : 17th April, 2017


1.   All Central Ministries/Departments of the Government of India.

2.   Head of Departments, All Attached/Subordinate offices.

3.   Chief Secretaries of all States/Union Territories.

4.   All Central/National/State Training Institutions.

5.   All Public Sector Undertakings/Training Institutes/Training Centres.



    Subject: Nomination for Management of Training (MoT-05) course to be started in ISTM from 17th to 21st July, 2017. 


            This Institute will conduct a training course on Management of Training (MOT-05) from 17th to 21st  July, 2017.  This training course is designed for the officers involved in training related activities in different Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations and Trainers/ Faculty members of Training Institutes of the Central and State Governments.  An information sheet in this regard is enclosed as Annexure.

2.         Nomination form for the MOT course is available on the website of ISTM and it is mandatory to fill the nomination form online.  Online nomination form will be available on the website of ISTM till 14th June, 2017.  Acceptance of nomination will be displayed on the website of ISTM (www.istm.gov.in) only and no postal correspondence will be made.  However, the nominees must ensure that his/her nomination is cleared by his/her sponsoring authority before applying online and a letter to this effect may kindly be sent to ISTM before 16th June 2017 though fax/ Email (scanned copy)/post.

3.         Sponsoring authorities are requested that while nominating the officer for this course, it should be clear to him/her that the workshop will be on full time basis i.e. from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM and may go beyond 5.30 PM due to own time/group work.

4.          No fee is payable by the participants for attending the course.  However, in case, the participants are allotted accommodation in the ISTM Hostel, they are required to pay charges for accommodation in the ISTM Hostel which will be Rs. 250/- per participant on room sharing basis (twin sharing) and Rs. 500/- for single room (subject to availability).  Separate boarding charges will be paid by the participants.  Charges for both Boarding & Lodging are to be reimbursed by the Sponsoring Authority.

5.         Sponsoring Authorities are requested that nominees must not be relieved to attend the course till their participation is confirmed by ISTM on the website of ISTM (www.istm.gov.in).

                                                                                              Yours faithfully,



(Yogesh Dwivedi)
Deputy Director & Course Coordinator




MoT-05 : Course Information Sheet


Management of Training

Course Code :


Duration :

Five days.

Schedule :

17th to 21st July, 2017


The officers designated to perform the duties of Training-manager would be from the Ministries/Departments/State Governments/Public Sector Undertakings/Agencies. In organisations where training function does not exist, nominations may be made taking into account the officers who would be associated with the training function after their return from the course.

Aim of the course

To train Training Managers for implementation of Training Policy in Ministries/Departments/Organisations or Central and State Governments.

Course Strategy

The course is divided into three phases :

Phase I

Pre-course reading material with Exercises will be forwarded to the participants selected for the course.

Phase II

A five day workshop will be conducted at ISTM.

Phase III

Within a month after the workshop, every participant will submit a ‘Project Design’ on a chosen topic which will form basis for certification.

Workshop Methodology


Input through lecture and presentation


Group discussion and presentation in plenary


Case studies/group exercises.

Course Fee

The course is sponsored by Department of Personnel & Training and no course fee is to be paid by the sponsors.

Hostel facilities and OTHER CHARGES

ISTM provides modest hostel facilities on twin sharing basis.  However, availability of rooms in ISTM Hostel cannot be guaranteed and it will be made available on first-come-first serve basis.  It is not feasible to provide single occupancy accommodation. Family members of the participants are not allowed to stay in the hostel with the participants. In case, the participants are allotted accommodation in the ISTM Hostel, they are required to pay boarding charges to the Caterer/Caretaker of ISTM Hostel.  There will be separate charges for accommodation in the ISTM Hostel which will be Rs. 250/- per participant on room sharing basis (twin sharing) and Rs. 500/- for single room (subject to availability).  Charges for both Boarding & Lodging are to be reimbursed by the Sponsoring Authority.

However, in the event of non-availability of accommodation in ISTM Hostel the participants will be required to make their own arrangements at their own cost, as per their entitlement in their parent organisation.

The Institute and its hostel are located in South Delhi in Old JNU Campus.  It is about 15 kms from New Delhi Railway Station, 18 kms form Old Delhi Railway Station and 08 Kms from Airport.  The campus is located along the Outer Ring Road (Olof Palme Marg) between IIT Hostel and Munirka, Near to Ber Sarai Market and opposite to Sector III, R. K. Puram, which is a large Government residential colony.  The outstation participants are advised to take “pre-paid” taxi/autorickshaw from the Railway Stations/ISBT/Airport for the Old JNU Campus. Nearest Metro Station is “HAUZ  KHAS”.

Course Director :

Sh. Yogesh Dwivedi, Deputy Director,

Institute of Secretariat Training & Management (ISTM),
Room No. 218, Administrative Block,
Old JNU Campus, Olof Palme Marg, 

Near Ber Sarai Market, New Delhi – 110067

Tel: Mobile : 09968305763, Office : 011-26185312, Fax : 011-26104183

Email: yogesh.dwivedi@gov.in