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Dated:      14th July, 2017



All Tour Operators


 Sub:       Invitation of Bids for Package NGO-cum-Study Tour for Participants of 75th Level-A Training Programme in the Delhi-Orchha-Bhopal- -New Delhi Sector from 21st to 25th August, 2017 - reg.



                       Institute of Secretariat Training & Management (ISTM) is an attached office under the Department of Personnel & Training.  It conducts various training programmes in which taking participants on NGO visit and study tour is a regular component.  One such training programme i.e. the 75th Level – A Training Programme is going to start in ISTM from 07th August to 1stSeptember, 2017 in which around 35 participants are expected to join. However, the exact number of participants who attend the training will be known only on 07th August, 2017.


2.     TOUR ITINERARY: The participants under the leadership of a faculty member of this Institute will undertake a Study Tour in the Delhi-Orchha-Bhopal-New Delhi Sector as per the following itinerary:


Date and Day





0600 hrs

Departure to Jhansi by Shatabdi Express [Train No. 12002]

1040 hrs

Arrival Jhansi Railway Station; Arrange transport from Jhansi by NGO TARAgram.

Arrival NGO TARA for activities at NGO

(Tea, refreshment, Lunch ,Dinner and stay to be arranged by the NGO)



Activities at NGO including field visits. (Transport for field visits to be arranged by the NGO; Breakfast, Lunch, Tea-refreshment by NGO)

10:00 P.M. Departure from NGO to Orchha for further study tour.

(Now onwards tour to be taken over by the tour operator including the transportation) Stay at Orchha. Local including Jahangir Palace, Ram Raja Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, and rafting, Jhansi fort.



After b/fast departure for Bhopal to board the train Shatabdi exp at 1040 hrs from Jhansi railway station, Arr. Bhopal at 1400 hrs check-in hotel local sightseeing- Bharat Bhawan,Van vihar & Museum of Man in the evening Cruise ride, dinner & Overnight stay at Bhopal.



After b/fast visit Bhojpur Temple & Bhimbetka (World Heritage Site), Sanchi Stupa & back to Hotel in Bhopal.



After b/fast visit Udaigiri caves, Khandagri caves & proceed to Bhopal, lunch and Board the train Shatabdi Exp. [Train No. 12001] at 1500 hrs , Arr. New delhi at 2330 hrs.


* Local visits will include visit to places in and around the place i.e. get away trips to place(s) of Tourism Interest in nearby areas and ASI sites. Boating in the lakes to be provided.


** All train tickets to be purchased by the tour operator


*** AC Deluxe coach to be arranged & cost borne by the Tour Operator for all road journey.

 MODE OF TRANSPORT :  By 2 X 2 pushback Air Conditioned (separate engine for AC) Bus with Video and Public Address System.

4.         You are requested to submit your quotation/bid/tender for undertaking the Study Tour for the participants as indicated in para-1-2/above in a sealed cover, quoting the price per person as a package tour inclusive of all taxes, latest by 3.15 PM on 07-08-2017.  The bids shall be opened in the presence of the representatives of the bidders on the same date i.e. on 07-08-2017 at 3.30 PMTerms and conditions, which form part of this tender document and study tour, are placed at Annexure to this tender document.


Yours faithfully, 

                                                   Signature not Available!


           (K.H. Sivaramakrishnan)

Assistant Director & Course Director

Mobile No: 09868896850

E-mail: kh.siva@gov.in


Encls.: Anexure


Terms and conditions for tenders

The “NGO-cum-study-tour” to be conducted for trainee officers of ISTM is an off-campus training programme, using “Field Visit” methodology.  The tour operator needs to keep this in mind while making arrangements.  Objectives of study-tour are given below:-

a.    To understand India’s cultural heritage and Arts.

b.    To experience environment and wild life conservation.

c.    To observe the development activities taken up in villages including tribal areas

d.    To expose the trainees to research and development work being done by Public Sector           

        Undertaking and mega projects. 

e.     To develop team spirit, time management, management of crisis and adaptability to various odd situations.

 1.1        The thrust of the study-tour as an off-campus programme is, therefore, to help all participants to learn from their movements from one place to another, starting from the location of the NGO TARA in Orchha and returning to New Delhi.  The logistic arrangements for conducting the study-tour is to be made keeping in view the objectives mentioned above.  The arrangements are to be made in such a way as to allow flexibilities, so as to adjust the requirements as indicated in the objectives.


1.2        Who is eligible to apply?

             All Government undertakings or Department of Tourism, Government of India approved private tour operators (not travel Agents).  The private tour operator must be approved from Department of Tourism, Government of India (and not from State Governments).  The private agency submitting bid is to enclose a copy of the documentary evidence (Registration Certificate of the D/o Tourism, Government of India), in the absence of which the bid will be rejected.

 1.3        What all is to be included in the tour package ?

             The package tour cost should include everything viz., all kinds of end to end travel costs, cost of the tour escort for the entire duration of the study visit, bed tea, food, snacks, drinks, beverages, bottled mineral water (minimum two litres per pax) including those provided during travel/en-route, stay/accommodation in a hotel in the main area (Three Star Deluxe Hotel/Resort or equivalent or higher), entry fee, guide & sightseeing boat charges, rafting charges, excursion charges, cultural evenings etc.  The cost of cancellations of tickets, vehicles, hotel rooms, etc. will also be borne by the Tour Operator within the package tour cost.

          Accommodation for participants would be on twin sharing basis except in case of member of faculty and odd number of male/female participants where single room accommodation is to be provided.

          Feasibility with regard to availability of accommodation, etc. may be examined before submitting the bid.

1.4        What are the modes of transport?

a)         BY AIR : Not Applicable

b)         BY TRAIN:  AC Chair Car or AC 3-Tier

c)         BY BOAT:         As and when services of a ferry boat may be required while on study-tour, exclusive boat may be hired depending on the size of the group. 

d)         BY ROAD:        The quality and maintenance of vehicles being involved for road travel 2 X 2 pushback Air Conditioned (separate engine for AC) Bus with Video and Public Address System should be of high standard.  The vehicle should be not more than 2 years old and should not have run more than 75,000 kms. The AC will be required to be used whenever desired (even when plying in hilly areas) by any of the occupant of the vehicles and the driver should be specifically instructed regarding this. The quotation is to be submitted as per the details given in the itinerary in the tender calling letter.

1.5        What is to be done in case of breakdown of vehicle?

Alternative vehicle arrangements of similar quality must be made in case of breakdown of vehicle If, due to breakdown of the vehicle, the itinerary of the tour is disturbed or visit to the Projects/ PSU etc. is not carried out, a penalty of not more than 5% will be levied.

1.6        What is to be done in case of illness or mishap?

In case of any illness or mishap, local treatment and safe transportation back to Delhi (whenever it happens or as decided by faculty member of ISTM) would be the responsibility of the tour operator within the estimates submitted by the tour operator for the package tour.


1.7        Other terms and conditions :

1.         The participants and faculty members should be covered by Travel Insurance for the entire duration of the study visit.

2.         Early check-in and late check-out at hotels are to be taken care of by the tour operator within the scope of package tour itself (depending on the travel schedule).

3.         All accommodation should have high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and should commensurate with the status of civil servants. 

4.         As far as serving of food is concerned, it should be in buffet system only. Hotels/restaurants are to be instructed to serve sumptuous vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in ample variety (number of dishes) and quantity which should not be repeated during the tour period. The tour operator shall also be responsible for the quality of food served including the hygienic conditions under which it has been cooked, and therefore, should be careful in his selection.

4.         To help the accompanying faculty members in logistics and other arrangements, an experienced official of the tour operator (not of an outsourcing partner), who is empowered to take decisions in contingency, shall accompany the group as an escort. He will travel with the group and stay in the same premises where the participants are being lodged.

5.         The tour operator shall arrange for bonfire at least once during the Study Visit, the cost of which shall be included in the estimate of package tour.

6.         The tender in the bid document should declare that “All the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender calling letter are acceptable”.  Also, the bid document should not contain any additional terms and additions other than those specified in this document.  The bids without the declaration or having any additional terms and conditions (Conditional bids) would be summarily rejected.



Private tour operators will be given only 30% of the total cost as advance and the State Government tourism entities will be paid 40% of the total cost as advance.  The amount due for the Course Director shall be paid at the end of the training programme on submission of all the bills with ISTM.        


A penalty of not more than 25% of the total cost can be levied on the tour operator or the tour operator may be debarred, if any of the conditions mentioned in the above paragraphs are not complied with. To substantiate the penalty claim, the feedback of the participants shall be relied upon along with the observations of the Course Director.  The decision of the Director, ISTM shall be final and binding in this regard.  Any legal dispute shall be settled in the Court of Delhi.