What is People Connect (PC):

The objective of People Connect is to disseminate information and share views by the public servants.  Since PC shall be available in public domain for all to view the posts, all the users are expected to maintain the decorum and etiquettes of high standards of befitting to this powerful forum of public servant having wide reach.

Terms of use of the platform:

1.       People Connect is opened for everyone to view the posts on it.

2.       Posts on People Connect can be put by Central/ State Government Employees and employees of Autonomous Bodies funded by Government of India only, irrespective of their rank, post, cadre or group.

3.       Posts on People Connect may contain views, observation or information about the good deeds or anything that may have positive and constructive impact on the readers of the posts.

4.       Following categories of posts shall not be allowed which contain:

a.       language and/ or tone which are inflammatory or derogatory or provocative in nature,

b.      libels, direct or indirect, deliberate or otherwise

c.       abusive language or interference in the personal life and matters of someone else

d.      antinational or against the established principles of law of the land


5.       If, after placing any of the posts on the forum PC, it is found falling in any of the categories listed at 4 above, the posts may be removed from the public domain. 


6.       The decision to publish or not and to remove it from the public domain at later stage shall be of the ISTM and acceptable to the users.

The process:

a.       Registration:

                                 i.            Participants of any course at ISTM (on or after 1.4.2015)

                               ii.            Other Central Government Employees

b.      The posts shall be placed on the forum People Connect at the earliest. However it may be noted that this is a moderated forum.