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Wed, Jul 24, 2024
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As part of its mandate, Institute of Secretariat Training & Management (ISTM), has been conducting a number of training programmes, inter alia, on Right to Information Act, 2005 for various stakeholders in the implementation of the Act such as CPIO, Deemed CPIO, First Appellate Authority (FAA), Public Authority and Information seeker. The websites of various Government Departments / Organisations already provide links to important judgments/Orders of Supreme Court / High Court / CIC, which are the major sources of learning on the RTI Act, 2005.  The knowledge seeker has, however, to browse through these various websites and periodicals updated from time to time to get latest updates on the subject. In this background, an imminent need has been felt by ISTM for developing the RTI portal as part of the Institute’s efforts to create a learning environment for all stakeholders, where repository on this subject is available at one place.  The broad structure and classification of topics in the web portal have also been created, keeping the requirements of the user community in mind. ISTM made efforts to go beyond just providing linkages to the judgements.  The RTI portal provides gist of major landmark decisions, or those which have given specific directions to the public authorities.  The gist broadly covers the following aspects:

(i) Information sought by the applicant

(ii) Reply of CPIO

(iii) Order of First Appellate Authority; and

(iv) The relevant portion of the judgments of High Court, Supreme Court etc. 


An attempt has also been made to categories the information for facilitating those who are involved in the implementation of RTI Act, 2005. Links to access the original orders have also been provided to enable the user to see the orders they find relevant for a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances and the views of the CIC or the High Courts or the Supreme Court.