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Sun, Jan 19, 2020
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Supreme Court(Preamble)/ High Courts(Preamble)
1 CIC/BHELD/A/2017/609765
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27 Sep, 2019 Shri Jasjeet Singh Vs. PIO, Heavy Electrical Ltd., Ministry of Heavy Industries & PE, New Delhi

Information Sought
Disposal of re-presentation.

It is evident that the entire cause of action in all these cases is centred around employer-employee dispute on removal of the employee from service. The above discussion of the facts and submissions of the case at hand reveal that the issue raised by the Appellant is essentially is borne out of his grievance arising from an inter se dispute between parties which cannot be adjudicated under the RTI Act. The framework of the RTI Act, 2005 is clearly laid out to decide issues pertaining to access/right to information and thus the jurisdiction of this Commission cannot be expanded into the realm of grievance redressal. Since information as defined under Section 2(f) of the RTI Act has already been furnished, the Commission is not inclined to intervene any further in this matter. Appellant is at liberty to take appropriate legal recourse before the appropriate forum for redressal of his grievance/s.

2 CIC/YA/C/2016/000206
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16 Mar, 2017 Dr. Amritha Nair Vs. National Board of Examination

The Commission is in agreement with the Respondent that the medical profession requires highest degree of precision and professional competence since they deal with the sensitive and dynamic subject of public health. Disclosure of any information which diminishes the rigour of the Screening process of selection and/or training of the medical experts will naturally have a direct detrimental impact on the quality of doctors practising in the country. RTI Act seeks to bring about a balance between two conflicting interests, as harmony between them is essential for preserving democracy i.e. of transparency and accountability on one hand and public interest on the other hand Undoubtedly, the settled legal position of law on this issue is that the individual rights must be sacrificed at the altar of larger or societal good lest such private/individual interest run the risk of eclipsing the larger collective interest of the society.
if question papers are so disclosed, the possibility of the examination not resulting in the selection of the best candidate cannot be ruled out. It is pleaded that knowledge of the question papers of all the previous years with correct answers may lead to selection of a student with good memory rather than an analytical mind. CIC dismissed the appeal.
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