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High Courts(Commercial Confidence etc..)/ CIC(Commercial Confidence etc..)
1 16 Dec, 2015 RBI Vs Jayntilal N Mistry

RBI Vs Jayntilal N Mistry

The applicant sought information on Procedure Rules and Regulations of Inspection being carried out on Cooperative Banks, audit reports etc. CIC refused information under is
exempted under Section 8(1)(a) & (e)
of RTI Act. The First Appellate Authority disposed of
the appeal of the respondent agreeing with the reply given by CPIO.

CIC directed RBI to provide
information as per records to the Respondent.

The Hon’ble Court concurred with the decision of CIC that “The RBI would therefore be well advised to be proactive in disclosing information to the public in general and the information seekers under the RTI Act, in particular”.

Observations relating to ''Exemptions (Commercial confidence)" are examined in detail in Para 48, 62 and 76 of the Judgment by the Court.

2 02 Sep, 2011 The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Appellant Vs Shaunak H Satya and Ors

Whether the instructions and solutions to questions given by ICAI to examiners and moderators are intellectual property of the ICAI – the answer being ‘yes’.
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