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High Courts(Life / Physical Safety)/ CIC(Life / Physical Safety)
1 13 Dec, 2012 Bihar Public Service Commission Appellant Vs Saiyed Hussain Abbas Rizwi and Anr Respondents

Bihar Public Service Commn. vs Saiyed Hussain Abbas Rizwi & Anr.

RTI queries related to providing the names, designation and addresses
of the subject experts present in the Interview Board, names and addresses of the candidates who appeared, the interview statement with certified photocopies of the marks of all the candidates, criteria for selection of the candidates, tabulated statement containing average marks allotted to the candidates from matriculation to M.Sc. during the selection process with the signatures of the members/officers.
Supreme Court opined that the view of the Bihar High Court in the judgment under appeal that element of bias can be traced and would be crystallized only if the names and addresses of the examiners/interviewers are furnished is without any substance. The element of bias can hardly be co-related with the disclosure of the names and addresses of the interviewers. The disclosure of names and addresses of the members of the Interview Board would ex facie endanger their lives or physical safety. On the one hand, it is likely to expose the members of the Interview Board to harm and, on the other; such disclosure would serve no fruitful much less any public purpose.
The matter of 'life and physical safety' has been dealt by the Hon'ble Court in paras 22, 27 & 28 of the Judgement
2 09 Aug, 2011 Central Board of Secondary Education and Anr Appellants Vs Aditya Bandopadhyay and Ors

The information as to the names or particulars of the examiners/coordinators/scrutinizers/head examiners are exempted from disclosure under section 8(1)(g) of the RTI act on the ground that if such information is disclosed, it may endanger their physical safety.
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