Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The Central training activity of the Institute is that of Organizing/Conducting training courses and workshops, mostly in accordance with the training calendar framed for each calendar year. Each course is coordinated by a designated Course-Director, under the overall supervision of wing-head (i.e., Concerned Joint Director). The broad classification of the courses and their wing is

1)CSS/CSSS Cadre Training Plan

2)Management Development Programmes

3)Financial Management Programmes

4)RTI-Capacity Building Programmes

5)Behavioural Training

6)Secretarial / CSSS Training

7)Computer Courses

8)Trainers Development Programmes

The title of the specific programmes & duration is given below:

CSS Cadre Training Plan:

vAssistant Direct Recruits (Foundational) - (12 weeks)

vLevel 'A' (UDC+4) - (4 weeks)

vLevel 'B' (Assistants+6) - (5 weeks)

vLevel 'D' (SO+6) - (8 weeks)

vLevel 'E' (US+4) - (6 weeks)

vLevel ‘F’ (DS+4) – (3 weeks)

Management Development Programmes:

vOrientation Course for DS/Directors Joining Central Secretariat-(1 Week)

vEstablishment Rules-(1 Week)

vReservation in Services for SC/ST/OBC-(4 Days)

vAdministrative Vigilance: Role of IO/PO (SO/Dealing Asst.) – (1 week)

vAdministrative Vigilance: Disciplinary Procedures-2-(2 Weeks)

vAdministrative Vigilance: Disciplinary Procedures-3-(2 Weeks)

vAdministrative Vigilance: Disciplinary Procedures-4-(1 Week)

vHandling of CAT Cases-(3 Days)

vWorkshop of Noting & Drafting-(3 Days)

vWorkshop on Assured Career Progression-(1 Day)

vWorkshop on Preparing Cabinet Notes(For DS & Directors) -(2 Days)

vWorkshop on Preparing Cabinet Notes(For US)-(1/2 Days)

vWorkshop on Preparing Cabinet Notes(For SO)-(1/2 Days)

vBasic Management Service Course-(8 Weeks)

vAdvanced Management Service Course-(3 Weeks)

vKnowledge Management-(3 Days)

vGood Governance-(1 Week)

vRTI Re-Engineering office Processes for SO & above – (3 Days)

Financial Management Programmes:

vCash & Accounts-(9 Weeks)

vProgramme on Pension & Other Retirement Benefits(For US/SO)-(1 Week)

vProgramme on Pension & Other Retirement Benefits(For Assistants)-(1 Week)

vWorkshop on Pay Fixation-(3 Days)

vPurchase Management in Govt.(For Staffs dealing with Purchase)-(3 Days)

vPurchase Management in Govt.(For Officers dealing with Purchase)-(3 Days)

vFinancial Management for Non-Financial Officers – (2 Days)

vOutcome Budget for Group A & B Officers – (2 Days)

vAnalysis of Financial Statements for Group A & above Officers – (3 Days)

vProject Formulation and Appraisal for Group A & above Officers – (2 Days)

vPublic Private Partnership for Group A & above Officers – (2 Days)

vFinancial Rules for HoD for Group A & above Officers – (2 Days)

RTI Capacity Building in Training Programmes:

vRecord Management-RTI-(4 Days)

vRTI-Public Information Officers-(2 Days)

vRTI-Appellate Authority)-(1 Day)

vRTI-Trainers Development Programme-(1 Week)

vSeminar on RTI-(1 Day)

Behavioural Training Programmes:

vStress Management-(1 Week)

vOrganisational Behaviour in Govt.-(1 Week)

vValues in Administration-(1 Week)

vGender Issues-(1 Week)

vBehavioural Skills-(1 Week)

vPersonal Growth through Emotional Intelligence-(3 Days)

vWorkshop on Team Building and Leadership – (3 Days)

vWorkshop on Presentation Skills – (2 Days)

Secretarial/CSSS Training Programmes:

vInduction Training course for Stenographer Gd-D – (6 weeks)

vLevel I – Stenographers Gd-D + 7 – (3 weeks)

vLevel II – Personnel Assistants + 3 – (2 weeks)

vLevel III – Private Secretaries + 4 – (3 weeks)

vRefresher Training Programme for PPS + 4 – (2 weeks)

Computer Courses:

vMS-Power Point-(2 Days)

vMS-Office Suite-(1 Week)

vMS-Word-(3 Days)

vMS-Excel-(3 Days)

vMS Access-(3 Days)

Trainers Development Programmes:

vNational Training Policy-(2 Days)

vDirect Trainers Skills-(1 Week)

vDesign of Training-(1 Week)

vEvaluation of Training(EOT)-(1 Week)

vRecognised Trainer Development(DTS)-(3 Weeks)

vRecognised Trainer Development(DOT)-(3 Weeks)

vManagement of Training-(1 Week)